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Rose - The Indian Beauty

Rose embodies a beauty inside out with its pretty appearance, pleasing scent and innumerable therapeutic properties. It has been used since time immemorial for cosmetic and medicinal uses.

It is well known that Queen Cleopatra used rose for its beautifying qualities by regularly bathing in it and Mughal Queen Noor Jehan is believed to have collected rose oil for its fragrance. Even today rose flower petals and its essential oil and scents are widely used in aromatherapy and in beauty treatments.

The antibacterial and anti fungal properties of the rose flower helps to tone and cleanse skin, soothe acne and nourish the skin. The Indian Rose or Desi Gulab is also used in various Indian desserts as it is easy to digest and its sweet,pungent and slightly bitter sweet taste adds flavour to the dessert.

I am sure you would all remember grandma collecting the rose petals to make ‘gulkand’ or mom adding just a hint of ’gulab ark’ while making’rasgullas’ or making the cool and refreshing rose water drink during summers. Milkshakes made with ‘Roohafza’ are part of our childhood memories. How can we forget the fresh rose petals ubtan prepared by mom on weekends.

So now we know why the ‘Desi Gulab’ has found its way into every Indian household- be it the kitchen or the dresser.

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