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Benefits of Handmade Natural Soap

Organic, chemical-free products are taking over industries all over the world, and the skincare industry is not an exception to that. We're hearing about handmade natural soaps, homemade face packs and everything natural a whole lot more. But, what is it that makes these products so special?

Is it just because of the materials used or the process of manufacturing? Or also because of their versatility? Also because of their versatility?

Talking specifically about soaps, they can be made with any variety of ingredients. Usually though, most of the soap that are generally and readily available all-around us at the medical store or local grocery stores, with attractive packaging and hugely lucrative offers are loaded with chemicals. They might do the basic job of cleansing but will probably not be good for your skin or for the environment.

Handmade natural soaps, on the other hand, do exactly the opposite. Handmade soaps contain Glycerin; they hydrate the skin during bathing, whereas many commercially manufactured soaps can dry skin out. Glycerin is an excellent skin moisturizer because it attracts moisture to itself in and around the skin. The benefits that come from using citrus soaps are numerous, including moisturizing skin, lifting eyes and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Handmade natural soap is produced from trees and flower extracts, not animals. This gives the products a unique texture and a fragrance, smell that is unique to the ingredients used. Some might argue that handmade soap is expensive. However, the quality of the product often compensates for the price. This price difference mainly comes from the process, labor and materials used to make the soaps. Though they are a shade more expensive than other soaps available in the market, the benefits of the handmade soaps are manifold.

  • Handmade Natural Soaps are good for your skin & environment: Handmade natural soaps are good for the environment as they use only natural products. Without the use of any chemicals they act as a blessing for your skin. The process through which handmade natural soap is made causes the least loss of natural glycerin. This improves the soap's moisturizing properties, and helps restore the skin's natural pH levels. Handmade natural soaps use sustainable packaging materials which are environmentally friendly. Their commercial counterparts use glossy plastic based packaging materials that have a one time usage and cause damage to the environment.

  • They are mostly vegan: Handmade natural soaps do not use animal based ingredients like fat, lard etc. Hence they are vegan.

  • They support small businesses: Mostly all handmade natural soap manufacturers are Small Business Owners i.e. Local Business. Hence using this form of soap almost every time will support a Small Business, supporting community members. Commercial soap companies often make their products in factories with machines, not people.

Natural handmade Textured Citrus Soap

Natural handmade soap like citrus soaps are textured soaps. This means that the ingredients are packed into the soap layers and then baked or steam immersed in a bath of water. The water is designed to loosen the fats and oils that are in the ingredients and release the necessary oils and fats for good. The hydration that comes from this type of soaps is very high and is necessary for any skin type.

Finally, which Natural Handmade Soap is right for you?

The best part about starting your natural soap usage journey is by deciding on the type of soap you want to use. There are many advantages to using soaps with natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Lavender, Rosemary, and Rosemary Essential Oils, and so much more. If you want to have a more luxurious experience, you may want to go with soaps made with Chamomile Oil. Chamomile is a popular flower and its essential oil is found in many beauty products. It is a light and delicate oil that would be perfect for creating a rich and calming soap.

If you want a more light and airy experience, but want to stay true to the classic CITRUS smell, you may want to go with soaps made with Lemongrass, Rose, and Lavender. These oils are more delicate and have a more natural smell compared to the more intense Chamomile Oils that are found in commercial soaps. The presence of essential oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, and more creates a more therapeutic experience.

Ultimately, regardless of the handmade natural soap you decide to use, you can be assured of the fact that you will not be disappointed. Not only do they make your skin feel better, but also leave your mind refreshed with their calming fragrance. At Floreaves, we strive to deliver these very qualities of handmade natural soaps to you in a budget friendly manner.

If we have you convinced, check out our collection of handmade soaps today, and experience the beauty of natural ingredients through our soap bars!

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