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Keeping the Legacy Alive

The smell of fresh pine, ground roses and Neem leaves were few of the commonalities in my childhood home in Kalimpong. These fragrances would waft through the air every Sunday as my mother ground the two “miracle skincare ingredients” - Rose and Neem- in her little wooden bowl.


It had almost become a ritual for her to sun dry orange peels, neem leaves, rose petals and all such ingredients which have been passed down from generations as ingredients which work wonders on the skin. 


As a teenager, I didn’t quite believe in the promising nature of “Maa ke Nuskes”, but overtime, this habit seems to have on grown me as I find myself concocting the very same “Nuskes”, in the very same bowls, for my teenage daughters.


As the tantalizing smell persisted in the atmosphere day after day, I realized that we

should not confine the luxury of these all-natural, organic, skin products straight from our farm, only to ourselves. And that’s when Floreaves came into existence. 


The idea was to package ingredients which are commonly found in our backyards, to get the best, most organic and nature friendly skin care products. The products in Floreaves go through a complex process of air-drying, grinding, filtering, sieving, mixing and finally, packaging. We aim to give our customers the mixes their skin types need to feel pampered, while subtracting chemicals from the equation. 


Through Floreaves, I hope to keep these “Maa Ke Nuskes” alive for generations to come and pass down these well kept secrets in their most natural and original form. 

Shalini Modi - Founder

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